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A data-driven approach to automatic discovery of prescription drugs in cardiovascular risk management

on October 4, 2012 by Phillip Lord in 2011, Comments (0)

Abstract Objectives: To evaluate a data-driven approach for automatically identifying medications used in the treatment of cardiovascular disease, and consider how these learned rules might be applied to ontology […]


DOMEO: a web-based tool for semantic annotation of online documents

on May 9, 2012 by Phillip Lord in 2011, Comments (0)

    DOMEO (Document Metadata Exchange Organizer), is an extensible web application enabling users to visually and efficiently create and share ontology-based annotation metadata on HTML or XML document […]


Automated Assessment of High Throughput Hypotheses on Gene Regulatory Mechanisms Involved in the Gastrin Response

on July 19, 2011 by Phillip Lord in 2011, Comments (0)

Introduction Systems Biology is an integrated approach to build and simulate biological models from a variety of data sources in order to generate and validate new research hypotheses. In […]


Linking genes to diseases with a SNPedia-Gene Wiki mashup

on by Phillip Lord in 2011, Comments (2)

    Abstract A variety of topic-focused wikis are used in the biomedical sciences to enable the mass-collaborative synthesis and distribution of diverse bodies of knowledge. To address complex […]


Using Multiple Ontologies to Annotate and Integrate Phenotype Records from Multiple Sources

on July 12, 2011 by Simon Cockell in 2011, Comments (0)

*Abstract Motivation: The completion of finished and draft sequences for model organisms such as rat has been followed by multiple SNP and knockout projects as well as the complete […]


The Vertebrate Bridging Ontology (VBO)

on by Simon Cockell in 2011, Comments (0)

*Abstract The recent proliferation of ontologies for organizing and modeling anatomical, phenotypic, and genetic information is a welcome development, with a great deal of potential for transforming the way […]


The EDAM ontology for bioinformatics tools and data

on July 8, 2011 by Phillip Lord in 2011, Comments (0)

Motivation Researchers demand simple and powerful means to organise, find, compare, use and connect an increasingly large and complex set of tool and data resources. These tasks depend on […]


“Of Mice and Men” Revisited: Basic Quality Checks for Reference Alignments Applied to the Human-Mouse Anatomy Alignment

on July 5, 2011 by Phillip Lord in 2011, Comments (0)

Abstract Identifying relationships between hitherto unrelated entities in different ontologies is the key task of ontology alignment. An alignment is either manually created by domain experts or automatically by […]


CALOHA: A new human anatomical ontology as a support for complex queries and tissue expression display in neXtProt.

on by Phillip Lord in 2011, Comments (0)

neXtProt( is a new bioinformatics resource aiming to be a comprehensive human-centric discovery platform, offering its users a seamless integration of and navigation through protein-related data. neXtProt integrates all […]


OpenTox Predictive Toxicology Framework: toxicological ontology and semantic media wiki-based OpenToxipedia

on June 29, 2011 by Phillip Lord in 2011, Comments (0)

  Abstract The OpenTox Framework, developed by the partners in the EC FP7 OpenTox project, aims at providing a unified access to toxicity data, predictive models and validation procedures […]