Bio-Ontologies Gray Literature

The bio-ontologies kblog is our first attempt to use this technology for Gray literature. Most of the papers for bio-ontologies are available and released as part of the programme booklet that the organisers produce every year. However, they are not easily accessible; the electronic version was originally produced to be easy to print in hard copy. As such, they are gray literature — valuable records of scientific activity in the domain, but easy to lose.

The kblog site was initially set up to provide scientists with a mechanism of publishing their work web-first; that is, the main version of the document would be the web page. However, as the tooling works from Word or latex it should also serve as a mechanism for providing a fully web-capable version of these documents.

At the moment, the process is imperfect. The papers are not perfectly laid out, in particular with respect to the figures. However, they are available for achiving, they can be linked to via URIs, with trackbacks, or even through DOIs should this be desired.

We hope that this experiment shows the value of this process; we hope to improve the presentation and import tools in future years.


  1. Dominic Farace

    July 9, 2011 @ 9:24 am

    Excellent initiative not only for the supply-side of grey literature but also for grey resources in the field of biology and medicine.
    I’ve added your link to the GreySource Index, as well as to the list of GL document types,

    Further notice of Bio-ontologies will be distributed via GreyNet’s Listserv.

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